About Trophy Stack

My name is Michael Bradsher, president of Trophy Stack. Every year I receive emails and text messages with pictures of big deer, fish, and other trophy animals that someone supposedly harvested near my home in Alabama. These pictures usually include information such as, new record or biggest deer in ABC County." And, I wonder if I can trust the information and how it can be verified.

After reading the information I am usually left with more questions than answers. Questions like, was that deer really harvested in Alabama and if so where in Alabama and who harvested it. With that being said, Trophy Stack was designed with trusted information in mind. Our website will provide the - who, what, where, when, why and how - on everything related to hunting and fishing.

Plus, all this information can easily be verified, stack ranked and organized so you can find the information you are looking for. Hunters and fishermen are looking for information on the sport they are passionate about, and they want to know who is catching or killing - what, where, when and how. To make the verification of information easier, Trophy Stack is partnering with the cornerstones of the Outdoor Industry to help provide this information.

We are creating a network of partners that will accomplish your goals and certify your harvest. Our partners include: deer processors, taxidermists, outfitters, hunting guides, fishing guides and local tournaments. These businesses are the experts on what's happening on the water, or in the woods in their respective area.

Trophy Stack is creating a central online resource where sportsmen and women can share information and showcase their trophies. In addition, we created a simple scoring system to make it easy to verify the size of your latest trophy.

We believe that amateurs deserve a place where they can be stack-ranked like the professionals, so upload your trophy today or visit one of our partners and let them help you memorialize your accomplishment. They will certify your trophy for the record books and create a virtual plaque to be highlighted in your virtual trophy room.

Trophy Stack not only tells you what everyone is doing, it tells you who is doing it better! Sign up today for FREE and get ready to show off your trophy with other sportsmen and women who share your same passion.

See you in the outdoors!

Michael Bradsher