4 simple steps to scoring your deer using the Trophy Stack System


  1. Measure the greatest inside spread.

  2. Measure the main beam on each side. From the base to the tip.

  3. Measure the mass. Use your tape to measure the circumference around each rack at the base.

  4. Count the points. If you can hang a ring on it we count it!

How does our scoring system compare?

We randomly scored over 3000 white tail deer using a traditional scoring system that measured every inch of the rack (example G1, G2, etc.). The traditional scoring system often had more than 20 measurements.

We then scored the same deer using Trophy Stack’s system, which never has more than 5 measurements. We then compared the scores and they were statistically very close!

- Over 80% of the scores had less than 10% difference.
- Over 99% of the deer scored had less than 20% difference.

Long story short, we didn’t aim to create the best scoring system. We aimed to create an easy system that everyone could understand and quickly score their deer. The Trophy Stack score allows everyone to get a true apples to apples comparison on the key measurements of a deer.