Frequently askedquestions

What is Fairshare?

Fairshare is social media network designed by Trophy Stack, Inc. Trophy Stack is a Software Development Company based in Montgomery AL. Trophy Stack has been creating tournament, social media, and other software for the outdoors industry since 2012. One of our recent creations is a virtual sign in board designed to save hunters time and increase safety. Savestand is great product for any person who shares their hunting land with other hunters. Try it for free at

Why the name fairshare for our social media network?

We wanted a name that described what we do. Our goal is to share everyone’s content equally and fairly. No person, business, or brand has an advantage and we don’t filter your reach. If you have 100 people who follow your page than 100 people will be notified every time you make a post.

Plus, we think sharing goes both ways. So we share advertising space with our users. We figure it’s your content so you should have a say so in what ads are displayed next to your content and on your pages.

What are the top 3 things that we think makes us different than other social networks?

1.Unfiltered reach to 100% of your family, friends, & fans 100% of the time.

2.We help you earn money by giving you control of the ad space next to your shared content.

3.Privacy! You will notice our apps ask for very little permissions. We are “anti” big brother.


Why should you join another social media network?

It makes common sense to not put all your eggs in one basket. We are providing an alternative network you can trust to communicate with your friends, family, and followers.

How is our business model great for content creators?

If you already have sponsors then our model is designed to help you make more money. For example, if you have a TV or Radio show or simply have a large online following we are designing our network with you and your fans in mind. We know you make your money from your sponsors. So we designed a way to display your sponsor’s ad next to your shared content and on your page. We show your sponsors ads next to shared pictures, videos and on your page. You set the price for sponsoring your page and you control the money. There is no middle man!

Why should you sign up to today?Answer the following questions?

Did you know many of the popular social networks are owned by the same corporations?
Have you noticed that your posts are reaching fewer of your followers?
Are you being asked to pay to reach people who want to follow your for free? How much will you have to pay to reach your followers in the future?
Have you heard “rumors” of pages being shut down and groups being deleted?
What if your page is shut down? How will you communicate with your followers?
Have you ever had an advertisement censored due to hunting or gun content?


Why do we believe our business model is theWay of the Future

We believe in the shared economy. Some companies enable you to share your car to make money. Others help you share your house to make money. Fairshare enables you to share your content and make money. You share pictures, videos, stories, products reviews, tips, etc. and we share ad space.

Have you ever heard the phrase “content is king”?

Your content is king on Fairshare. We believe it is important for the person who created the video or picture to make money from their content. That is why we share ad space and make it easy to add your sponsors logo and URL. You set the price to buy ads on your page and next your content.

How else are we different than the othersocial media networks?

In general, the other social media giants expect you to share your content on their networks while they figure out ways to make billions. We believe everyone should share in the earnings potential. Think about it? It is your content so why shouldn’t you have a chance to earn from it? On Fairshare your next viral video or picture could make you money!

How do we share ad space?

We automatically rotate Fairshare’s sponsors with our user’s sponsors.

What if I don’t have sponsors?

We offer potential rewards to all our users. Be on the lookout for our next contest that will give everyone a fair chance to win prizes simply by sharing your pictures and videos on Fairshare.

How do I get started?

Simply sign up and set up your profile on your page? Then start inviting your family, friends, and followers to follow you on

How do I set up my sponsors ads?

While on your page click on the manage profile and then manage sponsors. Insert your sponsor’s name, URL, and insert image.

Can I have more than one sponsor?

Yes, you can have multiple sponsors. They will auto rotate.

Does it cost money to join

No. We are a free social network.


Do you protect my privacy?

Yes we do! First of all compare the permissions we ask on our app to other apps. Our business model is designed with your privacy in mind. Our goal is to ask you for very little permission. We want to be a safe place where you don’t have to worry about big brother looking over your shoulder.