8 point Deer harvested by Buck Lee

on October 19 2013 with a Bow



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Greatest Inside Spread
Length Main Beam Left
Length Main Beam Right
Mass Left
Mass Right

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County: Butler,  State: Alabama






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Wind Speed
5.8 mph
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  • Rank 15

    Butler County

  • Rank 332


  • Rank 2613

    United States


Luck was on Buck Lee’s side in more than one way on the day he harvested this great 8-point at his hunting club in Butler County, Alabama. Just the day before he had a mishap with his crossbow that could have ended in disaster. Buck was in a climber twenty-five plus feet up a tree when he had decided to let his crossbow down and come in for the morning. As he lowered the bow a mishap caused the bow to come loose, falling the last 15 feet and plummeting to the ground with a thud. Upon inspection of the bow, it was evident that the site was messed up. Buck took the bow back to camp and tried to sight the bow in. He was able to get the bow level; however, he had to shoot eight inches to the right to be dead center. Figuring that would have to do and keeping that in mind, Buck headed back out to the woods the next day. The afternoon of this harvest, Buck was hunting a ladder stand where around 6 p.m. he started seeing deer movement—a small 6-point came by his ladder stand. Within 10 minutes, an 8-point walked out. Buck was doing all he could to see the buck through his binoculars and through the leaves. Having a bit of a temporary handicap since he had just undergone eye surgery and was still wearing a patch by prescription, he finally decided to just wait it out and see if the buck would cross within shooting distance of his stand. As luck would have it, the buck crossed within 20 yards of the stand and Buck pulled the trigger release on his crossbow, connecting with the buck at 16 yards dropping him in his tracks. The story of Buck’s luck doesn’t end there. Buck decided to take his crossbow in for repair where the bow technician discovered that the limbs of the bow were both cracking. It was sheer luck that the bow limbs did not explode on the shot that Buck had taken which landed him the great 8-point. To add to an already lucky day, Buck Lee’s voice beamed with pride as he mentioned that his third stroke of luck was that his Alma Mater, Ole Miss, won their game against LSU later that evening.

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